Journeys To Justice in coordination with Injustice In Oklahoma Exposed, Oklahomans Incarcerated; True Stories & how they got there; Advocates & Difference Makers, and CWAC; Court Watchers Advocacy Coalition. 

Along with a radio show where Tina Goertz & Tanya Hathaway co-host on Oklahomans Incarcerated;  along with Tanya TalkS; Where Your Voice is Heard & Your Story is Told Radio & investigative reporting is a combined effort of

Tanya Hathaway and Tina Goertz, along with trusted professionals professionals alike, strategize and fight for your Constitutional Rights. Accountabilities and transparency is of the utmost responsiblity of those who are entrusted by "We the People".

Those in public office include but are not limited to: those employed or appointed by the state, county, municipality, city, district, public agency, through votes,   or those who apply and are retained for employment in a public position. These appointments or voted in public servants includes those that work without pay and/or perks on a voluntary basis on behalf of the best interests of the public. 

 As a result of the many conflicts of interest in the oversight committees and the decades of the breeding ground for corruption, Oklahoma has been incesstently infiltrated the Sooner State and it's agencies throughout. Judges, Senators, Representatives, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Chief of Police, Officers,  DHS, Attornies at all levels in all venues, The Bar Association, Judicial Oversight Committee, Governor's Office, Attorney General Mike Hunter, Oklahoma FBI, Department of Corrections, Highway Department, et al., (you get the idea) are dripping in collussion, derliction of duty and stand against everything your rights are afforded to be- on paper at least.

All that being said, it is not the assertion of this organization that each and every employee or officer etc., is corrupt.  We will start a HEROES page, for those that this organization has learned that can not only be trusted; but also work on behalf of the rights of those inflicted by the malfeasants who are. 

EXPOSE- IMPOSE-(REFORM) Through our blog, radio shows, social media platforms, rallies and engaging other strong volunteer platforms, Journeys to Justice focuses on exposing the injustices that occur and are not remedied in the manner that one woud normally have access to such as "Access to Justice" in our courts as an example. In accordance to our Constitution, all are to be treated equally and without partiality and special favor regardless of public position. Therefore the proper punishment is to be imposed upon the public servant that with purpose, failed to protect the rights of a citizen. 

Enter REFORM: Legal Reform already having been met with the imposing of penalty to crimes on the public warrants accountabilty and responsibility to remove the obstacles that have enticed  the malfeasance to begin with.  with accountability to the unaccountability by and through public persons; to remove the obstacles within that breed the malfeasance that produces public corruption. The span of public corruption including prison conditions and inhumane conditions in Oklahoma includes many agencies and districts, municipalities, and runs the gamut from Family Court, DHS, Probate Court, Criminal Courts and processes and so on-where it does exist. Further, introduction of Conviction Integrity Units to our Representatives through this grass-roots effort will propose track, pursue, and support the continued effort for 2nd Chance. Excessive Sentencing along with sSentencing inconsistencies along with violations of sentencing guidelines, plea agreement malfeasance by the officers of the court will be tracked and proposals will be made along with requests for sanctions and removal off the bench or in office where in violation of the public duties of office and appointments. Review of Life Sentences along with Review of Life Sentences being denied a trial with claims of Wrongful Conviction will be presented with collaborative evidence and testimony. Denying a new trial due to new evidence and denying exculpatory evidence, improper or incomplete guidelines for the jury are just a few of many examples that deny due process and if not for that, a man or woman would be living free of chains. Prosecutorial Misconduct, Complacent (at best) Public Defenders, and more, along with The Bar Association, and Judicial Oversight Committee are immersed in conflicts of interest that cannot be resolved with confidence barring reform. Lawmakers and representatives are missing the mark and too have become complacent at best. This is where we need you to use your knowledge, your voice, and your experience to help remove the injustices.

This is where we stand for you, with you and bring your voices forward for a better and a just-Oklahoma. Stand for yourself knowing that when we all stand together, we are unstoppable. Share your verfiable informaiton with us please at:

We are looking for District Area Advocates throughout Oklahoma along with Court Watchers and one more administrator for CWAC; Court-Watchers Advocacy Coalition.

Sincerely and In Truth, Tanya & Tina Goertz

Journeys to Justice-Oklahoma, because public corruption is NOT OKay!